Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Talking Ringtones BigPack

Talking Ringtones BigPack

Talking Ringtones BigPack | 93 WAV and MP3 | 8 Mb

Make your phone/device/computer talk to you ! A nice female voice will tell you all you need to know.NEW! Better Voice, the Female nr. 2 Voice. All talking ringtones now remade, studio crafted to sound great on your device!
The Talking Ringtones Big Pack includes all our talking ringtones pluss many bonus tones..All tones in both MP3 and Wav format!

93 Different Talking Ringtones in both WAV and MP3 Format:
12 Ringtones
7 Messagetones
7 Alarmtones
3 Activesync Tones
27 By Person Tones
19 Funny Tones
8 IM Tones
5 Startup Tones
5 Windows Tones

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