Saturday, October 25, 2008

Offline support comes to mobile Gmail

Here are the highlights:

Offline support: This is big. You can read recent e-mail and compose messages, even if you don't have a signal. Messages you compose offline will be put in the outbox and sent as soon as you have a signal.

Multiple account support: The BlackBerry has had this feature since last month, and it is easily one of my favorite features. If you have multiple Gmail or Google Apps accounts (I have a Gmail account I rarely use for personal correspndance and three or four different Google Apps accounts), you know that having to log-in to a different account to access your mail is a huge, huge pain. You can set-up multple accounts and switch between them at ease.

Mobile drafts: You can compose multiple mobile drafts and then choose what you want to edit or send later. BlackBerry users have also had access to this feature for several weeks.

Shortcuts: Phones with a QWERTY keyboard can now use shortcut keys like, "z" fo undo, "k" to go to a new conversation, and "j" to go to an older conversatio -- just like in the desktop browser version of Gmail.

If you use Gmail and you have a BlackBerry or J2ME mobile phone, you definitely want to download the latest version of Gmail for mobile. You can get it with your wap browser at


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