Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Opera Mobile Update

Get closer with Opera Mobile

Opera Mobile is the Web browser of choice for today’s sophisticated mobile feature phones and smartphones. With more than 100 million shipped installations since 2004 with the leading mobile OEMs and operators worldwide, Opera Mobile is the proven solution for Web browsing on a mobile device. Now, with Opera Mobile, the mobile-browsing experience has been enhanced with innovations that make it easier to navigate, load pages quicker and get closer to Web content with Opera Widgets.
Opera Mobile gives you:

* a true Web experience optimized for mobile phones
* the ability to offer Web applications right on the idle screen
* the full richness of Web 2.0 services using AJAX
* blazing speed with Opera’s Presto rendering engine
* accelerated time to market with Opera Widgets
* a proven product with a focus on innovation, quality and user experience

Opera Mobile’s success lies in Opera’s unique core architecture, which maximizes the performance of handset hardware and makes rapid customer deployment possible. Plus, Opera Mobile’s ability to serve Web content directly on the idle screen gets the mobile OEM or operator closer to users and closer to new revenue potential.


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