Sunday, July 27, 2008

GPS2GoogleEarth 2.2

GPS2GoogleEarth is the first Pocket PC GPS software with full Google™Earth support. It converts GPS data directly to Google Earth KML files.

GPS2GE is an easy to use Pocket PC GPS application that allows to log tracks and to create placemarks which are directly saved as Google Earth KML files. In Google Earth you can fly along the tracks and placemarks and enjoy fantastic views. You can also log your next holiday trip with GPS2GoogleEarth. So you can watch the trip together with your friends using the fantastic 3-D features of Google Earth.

Hardware requirements:

Pocket PC (Windows CE) + GPS receiver (NMEA protocol)

Connect to GPS:

Connect GPS to PPC. GPS2GE works with standard NMEA protocol GPS receivers. Depending on the type of GPS receiver, it can be connected via cable, Bluetooth, CF-Slot or SD-Slot. The application also works with GPS receivers that are integrated in the PPC.
In the Devices tab you can click Connect. GPS2GE will then automatically find the GPS. If you use Bluetooth GPS, it might be necessary to activate Bluetooth before clicking Auto-Detect. If GPS2GE doesn’t find the GPS, you can also select the GPS manually.
You can also use street navigation and GPS2GE simultaneously (COM port sharing)! The technology for this is Franson GpsGate. You don’t need to buy an extra license, GPS2GE sends the license key internally.

Capture Data:

On the top of the next tab you can see latitude and longitude and the number of satellites fixed. GPS2GE supports paths and placemarks. Paths are used to log tracks. Placemarks are used to mark a single place like a house.
To every single placemark can be attached name and description. These information additional information are also displayed in Google Earth.

Export Data

The Export tab allows to specify name and destination of the KML file. “Generate KML” will create the file.
KML files can only be created, if logging of path is stopped.

Display Data in Google Earth:

The KML then have to be copied by drag and drop on desktop. By double clicking the KML file, Google Earth opens and displays the date.
By pressing the play tour button in Google Earth you can fly along the paths and placemarks you logged with the GPS. Enjoy fantastic views!

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